Scroll down for the cost of commissioning a portrait!  

A copy of a John Singer Sargent – just for fun!

Below find a timelapse video of the painting one of the portraits above:


The cost of a commissioned pet portrait:

Pet Portraits:  8X10″ = $200   /   11×14″ = $275  /   16×20″= $350

These are prices for simple portraits from a photo. For example, an oil painting from a photo like this one:

Turned into a painting like this: 

I can do paintings from photographs, or from a combination of photos and real life. The cost varies depending on size and complexity.  If there are other subjects, and other specifications or complications the quote may be higher. Please note–since it takes much longer to perfect the likeness of a person, human portraits are about double the above sample prices. Request a quote.

Please email me here: