Stay At Home

Since we all need to simply STAY HOME for a while, I thought that I could help people still have fun with each other by hosting online Meetups for various groups I know. I have regular “Happy Hours” for those of us who miss going out to restaurants, regular discussions about homeschooling, and I’m also… Continue reading Stay At Home

Cancer Detour

Well, I am now ready to get back into the studio. I have a couple of commissioned paintings waiting in the wings. Back in September of 2019 I found out that I had breast cancer. But the prognosis was so good (Stage 1b) that I was overwhelmed with gratitude! I also had insurance to pay… Continue reading Cancer Detour

I Love To Paint!

In May I taught my last Latin class, so now I have more time to dedicate to painting. It is such a privilege to have the materials and the time to paint. My husband and sons have encouraged me to devote myself to it! I am extremely grateful every day that I have the luxury… Continue reading I Love To Paint!